Professional Mobile Car Detailing, Car Valeting, Machine Polishing in Greater London

Valiant Valeting Ltd – Professional Mobile Car Valeting, Mobile Car Detailing, Machine Polishing, Mobile Car Wash, Protective HD Wax, Paint Correction, Holograms Removal, Car Paint Scratches and Swirls Removal, 2 Bucket Method, 4+ Stage Machine Polishing, Ceramic-Nano Coatings, Vomit & Car Sick Cleaning, Delicate Leather & Fabric Car Seats Valeting. Full Sanitation, Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Stain & Odour Removals. Find out more…


BMS Control Panel


Prices start from £30.00 for small car

Heating System


Prices start from £50.00 for small car

Gas Boiler


Prices start from £120.00 for small car


Labeled Distribution board



3 phase distribution board



Main Distribution board



Electrical Installations




As experts in our field we only use the best products available for cleaning your car. This is to ensure no damage occurs and your car is left looking like new inside and out.


A small selection of beautifully valeted cars, cleaned delicate leather car seats and fine fabrics car seats, carpets, upholstery and unpleasant accidents we’ve renovated with passion. For more photos of completed jobs please visit our social media that we are updating regularly. 

We have over 40 years’ experience across both the client and contract side of Facilities, Buildings, Workplace and Project Management. So if you require a full FM service contract, of course we can provide that. So if you have a full repair and maintain lease and need to keep your offices compliant, we do that too. Why not utilise G&P’s expertise when it comes to your projects, moves, refurbishments or full refits. We can work with you on a consultancy basis so to ensure your budget is best utilised. Alternatively, we can provide full project management taking care of the entire works for you. Because your people are your most valuable assets, why not provide them with the best working environment possible.


G&P London Facility Mangement

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is at the very core of compliance and safety for your business. M&E and PPM are the most crucial aspects of FM. Not only to keep your business compliant, but to give your people the reassurances they require. Above all, they need to trust they are working in a safe, functional and hygienic environment. Because quality PPM is also the most efficient way to manage your building it actually reduces costs. Just as a regularly serviced car will have improved performance and run for longer, the same applies to your workplace.         

Building Services Solutions

Building Services Solutions

Buildings, electrical installation, lighting, heating, plumbing, gas and air conditioning all need to be regularly testing and maintained. As their functionality fails and when their lifespan comes to an end they will need to be replaced. We can provide the service and maintenance to prolong that end through regular PPM. But when required, we can install the highest quality, most energy efficient and up to date systems available.

Project Management Consultancy

Project Management

Projects, moving in, moving out, or needing a refresh, we can take care of everything for you. From the painting and decorating to the electrics, lighting and space planning, we have it all covered. We don’t have Central London offices, sales staff or a 20 person in-house design team either. Because of this, we’ll still deliver the project but at a fraction of the cost of office design companies. But always to the same highest standards, on time and on budget! Desire that high end design element and have the budget available? Then we’ll team up with our incredibly talented design & branding partners at

G&P London Workplace solutions

Workplace Solutions

We have solutions for your organisation because health, safety and wellbeing are becoming even more important in the workplace. Not only to adhere to the laws and regulations either. Because research consistently shows that productivity increases when your people are offered a safer and more harmonious working environment.  We can help with your H&S, DSE’s, training requirements, wellbeing initiatives and risk assessments. In addition, we can advise on agile working, sustainability, space planning, business continuity and DR.

G&P London Lighting solutions


Lighting is arguably the most vital element of any working environment. Get it wrong and the negative affect on your people can be considerable. However, get it right and it will increase wellbeing and productivity, reduce costs and improve your environmental credentials. Periodic testing of your emergency lighting and signage is a legal requirement for all workplaces and we can cover this. But we also provide the most cost effective LED installations available with our highly skilled and experienced team at

A small selection of successfully completed projects in The City of London, in Listed, Public, Commercial and Office buildings that we have renovated with passion. For more photos please click buttons below. Pages that we are updating regularly.

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